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Toilet Leak Escondido

We got a call for a leak by a bathroom toilet in Escondido. On checking, the owner didn’t replace the flange the last time they replaced the toilet.  They slag bolted the toilet to a wood floor.  The toilet leaked.  The water rotted out the slag bolts. We put in a new flange and reinstalled the toilet.  We also changed out the angle stops because it’s cheaper to have it done at the same time.  We use a Stainless Steel so it won’t rust out.  

Escondido Toilet Repair

The handle on a Mansfield toilet wasn't working. The lady had to reach inside to lift the plunger. There is a plastic sleeve that slides up and down when the handle pulls it up.  There were a couple of things wrong. First the washer First the washer gets old and the plastic will stick to it. Also there is a plastic handle that isn't strong enough to move the sleeve. It should be a metal handle.  I put a new handle and a new Fluidmaster ballcock which is the fill valve in the toilet.

Water Heater not working.  

These new water heaters are a lot more sensitive to dirt and lint.  A problem could be the thermocouple, the safety switch popped out on it, the filters need to be cleaned.  If they don't get enough oxygen they shut down.

Security Plumbing North County San Diego
(760) 724-3795