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Oceanside Plumber Plumbing Repair
Jerry Hamilton from Security Plumbing does almost all types of plumber repairs and plumbing jobs.

Here are some samples of the jobs recently done.

Paradise by the Sea
Service Call in Oceanside. Paradise by the Sea Resort Trailer Park.
An outdoor push button shower with an automatic shutoff by Chicago on it.
It wasn't turning off. I put new parts in it. Also replaced some rusted parts on the shower arm.

Oceanside Gas Appliance Repair
SDG&E tagged a job for repair. I went out and did an estimate for gas appliance repair. Code requires that a gas line going to a furnace be hard piped into the furnace box, one cannot have the flex line going from outside the furnace to the gas valve. SDG&E also requested the flex line to the fireplace appliance be changed from brass to a coated flex line. The code requires that all gas flexes to appliance be coated (they will be gray or yellow), if they are brass they can be dangerous. The additive that they put in the gas so it smells can cause pin holes in a brass flex line. I received an approval on the work and will schedule for a later date. You can check your gas appliances yourself or for more information please call 760-724-3795 and we can help. If you think you smell gas call SDG&E or you can call Security Plumbing at 760-724-3795

Oceanside Slab Leak
My next job was a possible slab leak. Customer came home after being gone for a week and noticed the house was humid. The customer also noted the floor in the downstairs bathroom behind the water heater was unusually warm. There was no visible water in the house. He was recommended to me by an individual I met in a networking group years ago. A warm floor or high humidity when the house is closed up is a good sign you have a hot water slab leak.

Ninety percent of the slab leaks I do are hot water. I did a pressure test. The pressure dropped with the system isolated. Next I turned off the hot water and ran another pressure test, this time the pressure held. This indicated to me that the leak was on the hot water side of the water system. I then used my microphone to sound the different fixtures in the house (faucets, toilets and shower valves). The loudest sound I found was at the vanity downstairs behind the water heater.

I then hooked up my electronic pipe locater and traced the water lines under the slab. I was able to determine that the hot water pipes run from the water heater to the downstairs bathroom, then to the laundry, from there to the dining room wall (for the master bathroom upstairs) and from there to the kitchen sink.

The leak was determined to be on the hot water line running from the water heater to the downstairs bathroom. I gave the customer an estimate for repairs. The customer called me back and we set it up for this Friday. I will keep you posted on the results. If you think you may have a slab leak please call 760-724-3795 for a leak detection or a free consult.

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