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Poway Hot Water Too Slow

Customer waiting a long time to get hot water to the kitchen sink. So, what I'm going to do is install a pump on her water heater that goes on the hot side. And then there is a mechanical valve that goes under the kitchen sink faucet. When that pump's running it uses the cold water side to get hot water running right away. It has a clock on it. You can set it to do it when you want.

Grunfos makes it. It's called the Comfort Series System, and it's for people that don't have a recirculation line. A recirculation line that's built into a system has a water line that will draw water from the hot water line at the kitchen sink and run all the way back to the water heater. A pump at the water heater usually down to the bottom that recirculates the water through the hot water line when the pump is running. It's expensive to do that if you don't have one that's built into the system when the house is built.

So they came up with this one. I have one at home. It gives us hot water to the kitchen sink, which is the furthest from the water heater. So you don't have to wait or waste water. You can set it to come on early in the morning depending on you schedule.Then stay off all night. It will warm up the cold water on that loop, and at the kitchen sink. Most of the people that have it installed don't complain about that.

Mostly they get tired of waiting for hot water and wasting water.

Poway refrigerator ice maker leak
Got a call to cap off an ice maker line for a guy in Poway that removed a refrigerator. The line is leaking and I'm just gonna put a cap or a quarter inch valve on it to stop it from leaking.

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