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Sample of Jobs in Rancho Bernardo.

Toilet plugged.
It was a Rancho Bernardo toilet that I augured and I had to come back. I couldn't get the auger all the way through there. I came back with some root and some wax and it was probably from the bowl wax. I got an approval to pull the toilet and see if we could remove the roots.

What typically happens is it's on a slab, and they leave a hole in the flap that they bring the pipe up through. And the roots had grown up through the hole and then grew through the bowl wax to get water and then down into the drain. There was no opening in that thing at all. The horse tail was about 18 inches long. And it was almost all solid little roots.

I think they're from the big tree out in the front yard. It's quite a ways away, but roots love that mineral rich water. So I pulled it up and got out all the roots.I recommended if they put some root killer in the toilet maybe once a month.

Rancho Bernardo Faucet & Garbage Disposal

I had to put in a new faucet and garbage disposal in a Rancho Bernardo home. The garbage disposal couldn't be unjammed. And the faucet's a Glacier Bay which you can pick up at Home Depot. They're really cheap. It hasn't been in that long, but it's not functioning. I'm gonna put in a Moen faucet that I buy at Hersh wholesale with the spray. It'll be much better faucet than the Glacier Bay.

Another job for a property investor that had a leak at their meter at a Rancho Bernardo office building. The repair shut down 3 buildings. Nobody's there on Saturday. We put in a new pressure regulator. The old one was buried in the dirt and was leaking. Also it didn't have a backflow. It'll have a backflow now soldered all together and do it right. That should've been done a while ago.

Security Plumbing North County San Diego
(760) 724-3795