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 Shower Installation & Repair


Shower Installation

Showers are the favorite choice for any bathing person.  So why be lazy in maintaining them?  You don’t have enough showers compared to the members in your family? Are you thinking to buying or installing new showers in your lovely bathrooms?  Then read on and decide for yourself whether you should or should not do a Shower installation all by yourself.

  • Getting Started:

It’s not always easy to choose the perfect shower when buying a new one.  Lots of variety is available in the market to suit your house and budget.  You may want a mixer shower or power shower or electric shower.  Next, The materials you’ll need.  Nowadays, showers are made up of Nickel, Chrome, Stainless Steel and many other materials.  Once, you’re decided on this, you can move on to next step.

  • Preparation:

Before you start installation of any kind, two things you must keep in mind, the pipeline installation and electric supply installation.  If you don’t know anything about working with pipes or electrcial, then you better learn first or call a plumber.  These two steps require way more attention and accurateness than you think, because even a slight mistake can cause major problems in the house.

  • Know about the Installation process:

If the shower you’re planning to install is replacing an old one currently installed, then you need to remove the old shower first and this is usually the most difficult part.  It's a good idea to have some knowledge must have the idea about water drains and water supply runs.  You should also have knowledge about the vent and waste removal supplies.

  • Removing old pieces:

Before you begin removing your any tiles from the walls, make sure you know the exact location of your drains and water supplies.  You’ll need to remove the walls and then again fix them properly.  Also you’ll need to patch up the floor, if you’re planning for a completely new installation.

  • Always call for help:

After knowing a few facts about the Shower Installation, many drop the idea of DIY.  Let’s face it.  We can’t be experts in everything.  If you don’t know even the slightest of any of the above mentioned guidelines, then why don’t you leave this job to us?  We’ll be happy to help you.  Call us and we'll go out to you.


Shower Repair

Are you tired of the dripping shower in your bathroom?  Or the leaking from your shower has bothered every time you step into your lovely bathroom.  Then you surly need that repaired as soon as possible.  Take a look at the few steps mentioned below to help you with this repair work.

  • Cleaning and preparation:

Although many of us would never like to work in an odor stinking bathroom or place but trust me it’s most important.  You need to clean all the areas first that you want to repair.  This is important because, if you don’t clean it properly, the chances are that you’re materials won’t stick properly and again after few days, you’ll be stuck with the same ugly situation.  Just clean all the area and let it dry thoroughly.

  • Buying the supplies:

Before you start buying anything for your repair project, make sure you know about the material of your shower.  Like your shower is made up of fiberglass, chrome and other material.  Purchase the repair kit for your shower.  Take a look at the color of the surrounding tiles and walls.  You may never get the same color but don’t buy the material that can look terrible on your walls.

  • Don’t just read, understand it:

Although most Shower Repair kits come with a how-to-do guide, many still feel lazy at reading those important instructions.  If you’re doing it first time, then you definitely need to know the basics of pipeline fittings and sizing.  Understand the each step mentioned in the Shower Repair kit carefully instead of just reading it like an article.

  • Ask for help:

There’s always help available from us, if you have any problem.  You can call us and we'll come out.


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