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Slab Leak Detection & Repair

Slab Leak Detection

When we get called for a slab leak there are three stages we process.

First stage: Visibly find and verify the leak.

Second stage: The leak is hidden and we use our equipment to find the leak.

Third stage: In tough cases we bring in a leak specialist like CPL.

Samples of tough cases are when we cannot find the leak because it may be too hidden. There may be multiple lines in the leak area. There may have been previous plumbing repairs so it isn't as easy to follow a pipe.

The reason we use CPL is that they don't do any repair. Leak detection is all they do and they are very good at it. They use the best high tech equipment. The other advantage to calling them is they have no financial interest invested in the repair. They will not try to up sale you on plumbing repair. If you call a "plumbing" company that does leak detection, they have a financial interest in the repair and the young man coming out is either on commission or an incentive program. He has a financial interest himself in making the repair more than it needs to be or making the repair high or talking you into a repipe, or whatever he can do to make more money. So it's a conflict of interest there. We know that technicians don't do as much leak detection as CTL does. That's the conflict of interest we like to avoid.

Because we have a "leak dectection" specialist come out and do the the leak detection there is no conflict of interest. They will tell you the problem and then we will fix it.

Slab Leak Repair

The following is what to expect during the slab leak repair process.

Once the leak area has been detected the concrete slab will be broken into using a jack hammer. We will lay a wet clothe over the slab area before using the jack hammer in order to prevent dust from dispersing.

After the concrete slab has been broken up we will remove it and begin digging and removing soil from around the leak area. We will dig enough to leave room to work on the leaking pipe.

After digging around the leaking pipe and verifying the water spraying out of the pipe, we will shut off the water.

We will then cut and remove the damaged section of pipe. The cut will be made before and after the compromise in the pipe. Then we will cut a new piece of pipe that will replace the pipe cut out.

We will clean the ends of the new pipe to prepare for soldering. We will also clean the 2 new couplings and clean the ends of the old pipe in the ground. The pipe cleaning is the most important part of this process and is a must for under slab copper pipe lines. This special process is called silver soldering. This cleaning enables all sides of pipes to take to the solder and prevents any future leaking. The new piece of copper pipe is set into place and soldered.

After the pipe repair has been done the water is turned back on and the pipe is checked for any leaking.

Once it's confirmed there is no leaking, the soil is replaced and topped with sand.

Lastly, new concreted is laid and set.

What Are Signs of a Slab Leak?

  • Consistent moisture or mildew underneath your carpet
  • Bubbles or cracks in your tile floors
  • Sounds of water hissing or splashing
  • Cracks or moister in your baseboards or walls
  • Water pressure suddenly drops
  • Water bill has dramatically increased without reason
  • A 1/8 hole in the pipe can leak out more than 10,000 gallons of water in a month
  • If you do not have a leak detector on your water meter, check it. Some water meters have leak detectors in them. They look like a small black or white triangle or wheel. If it is spinning or moving, than you have a leak somewhere.
  • If you do not have a leak detector on your water meter, check your water meter reading. Turn off all water valves in your house. They are located under the kitchen and bath sinks and toilets and also at your water heater locaiton. Make sure there is no water running anywhere in your house. Then read the numbers on your water meter. Wait an hour then check the numbers again. If the numbers have increased, most likely you have a leak somewhere.

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