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 Toilet Installation & Repair


Toilet Installation

Removing and replacing a toilet can be a cumbersome job.  You may find it bit tedious too, but don’t lose hope and check our simple tips before starting for your new Toilet Installation.

  • Removing your old toilet:

The most difficult and first step in Toilet Installation is the removal of old toilet.  First, turn-off your water supply and flush out to remove all the left over water from the tank and the toilet bowl.  After this, disconnect the supply line with a wrench.

  • Unbolting the tank:

Now, you need to take away the toilet bowl from the floor.  Remove the nuts using pliers or a wrench.  Then remove the toilet steadily.

  • Check for the damage:

Check the bolt of the old toilet, in the flange located at the floor drain.  It’s important because a flange is responsible for the connection between the floor and the toilet.  Hence, check that the flange is not damaged.  If it’s damaged, you can use the flange repair ring.  Next, place the new bolt in the flange and now you’re ready to install your new toilet.

  • Fixing new wax seal:

Most important thing you need to completely avoid is not removing your rug inside the drain pipe.  Don’t make this mistake as it can lead you to a major repair.  Eliminate the old wax seal using a putty knife and place the new one to the bottom of the bowl.  Make sure it is in correct location when inserting the toilet over the flange.

  • Attaching the tank to the bowl:

After placing the new wax seal, don’t tilt or move the toilet on the flange, as this could damage the seal and lead to leakage.  Now, you’re ready to attach the tank to the toilet bowl.  Rest the tank on the bowl, aligning the holes of the bowl with the shank of the bolts.  Then, tighten the bolts slowly until the tank sits evenly on the bowl.

  • Securing the lines:

Now attach the supply line to the open valves and to the supply of the valve coming out from the floor.  Press gently the toilet to fix the wax with the bowl. Lock the nuts with the wrench.  Using the mounting bolts, tighten the lid and the new seat to the bowl.

  • Check for leakage:

Turn on the water supply valve and let the tank get filled.  Then flush the toilet and look for the leakage around the base, where the toilet and bowl intersect.


Toilet Repair

Many Toilet Repairs require professional help but many repairs are easy to fix and you can do it easily without anybody’s help. Various problems are related to the toilets.  Let’s check few common problems and their fixations.
Before you start, check for the common problems first so that you can repair it with no trouble.  These problems include leakage, flushing and slow filling of water. Take few simple repairs to get rid of these problems.

1.    Leakage in toilet:

•    How will you check the point of leakage?  First, check all the connections including the tank bolts, fill valve nut and the supply tube coupling nut.  If everything is fine, then you need to amend the washers.
•    What if your toilet tank is cracked?  If you’re tank is new then you can get a replacement bowl easily from the hardware store and if it’s too old then you might need to buy a new one.
•    Is the water dripping only during the humidity?  Then you need to install the toilet liner kit.
•    If the leakage is around the base, then it is probably due to the wax ring which is not functioning properly.  This problem requires you to replace the new one with old wax ring but this involves removing your toilet from the base. So it might become a bit difficult.

2.    Flushing Problems:

•    The toilet is not flushing at all?  Then check for all the connections and parts like handle, flush lever and flapper valve.  If anything is loose, tighten it and if broken then replace it with new one.
•    Toilet Flush is not working properly?  Remove the overloaded slack inside the lift chain. Check the flapper.  The flapper chain could be too tight that prevents it dropping to the seat.
•    Another important step is to check the water level.  Mostly, the water level is marked in the tank.  If the water is below the marked level, then it results into improper flushing.  So the water level should be till the marked level.

3.    Tank filling slowly:

•    Most common problem is the main water supply to the tank is not turned on completely.  So check the main supply first.
•    Your fill valves may be corroded or clogged.  This means you need to clean them.  You can simply use vinegar to clean them and remove any mineral deposits from it.
•    If it’s too worn, then simply replace it with the new one.  The installation of new refill valve is too easy if you follow the directions stated in the kit.

  • Call us for help:

The Toilet Installation and Repair is not a simple process and you may experience a few difficulties.  If you have any problem, you can call us and we will go out to you.


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